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Results – The AJB Trophy

The WBASGS season came to a close at the Chase Golf Club in Staffordshire with the AJB Trophy.

Dimbers did his usual weather dance to produce fantastic conditions, the course was in great nick and the hospitality was top notch as per usual.


Results – End of Season Cup

Great weather and good scoring for the End of Season Cup at Worcester Golf and Country Club and congratulations to Mike Dimbylow for his victory, one month after a Pink Shirt!


Results – Concept Classic

It was a fantastic day at the Walsall Golf Club for the Concept Classic – great weather, food, service and company.

Gary Mason came out on top with 40 points while the team event was won by Wilson’s Wedgers whose players were Garry Elwell, Sharon Cartwright and Lee Austin.

Thanks to new official photographer, Marcel Bennett, for the photos


Results – Captain’s Day

The Captain’s Day at Shifnal Golf Club was won by Bob Crump with an impressive 41 points and no less than 17 players scoring 30 points or more.

Meanwhile, the team event was won by Ossie’s Oddballs with 84 points.


Results – Shakespearian Stage

June’s event at the Welcombe was comfortably won by Lee Austin some four points clear of the chasing pack.


A golfer’s plea

Oh! To be on the tee again,
As part of a merry band,
To hit the ball,
Further than my eyes can see and not hear it land!

Oh! To be the on the fairway,
Not in the unkempt rough,
To find the ball on a perfect lie,
And not my next shot duff!

Oh! To be on the green again,
With a putter in my grip,
And use a familiar coaching phrase,
When my putt teeters on cup’s lip!

Oh! To be in the bar again,
And enjoy the familiar sound,
Of members not discussing golf,
But whose turn it is to buy the next convivial round!

Oh! To enjoy the day,
When lockdown finally ends
And days upon the golf course
Spent in the company of good friends!

Missing the golf and banter as I hope you can deduce from my emails?

Dimbers ⛳️😉

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