The Thoughts of Chairman Mike (not Mao)

COVID-19 Welcome Rap

Welcome to this Baggies site,
Whether you support the boys or not,
For as sportsmen or sportswomen,
To unite in COVID cracking,
Really means a lot!
No longer can one drive a ball,
Along the fairway clear,
Or attend a favourite stadium,
To give the team a cheer!
Today and in tomorrow’s
There’s a message very clear,
Keep 6 feet apart,
Or it will cost you dear!
So, put aside your colours,
Shown on shirt or scarf,
Allegiances don’t matter,
In first or second half!
Let’s all join together,
In the passion of our game,
To ensure in the future,
The time will come again,
When we can all be together,
In a joyous crowd united,
By a common cause,
To show COVID-19’s beaten,
With celebratory applause!

Michael Dimbylow