The Origins of the WBA Supporters’ Golf Society

It was in May 2006 when Glosterbaggie, a mega poster on the WBAzone website, stated he was to have golf lessons.  ‘Glos’ is a ski instructor at the Ramada Hotel & Resort at Matson, Gloucester, where they have a superb eighteen hole golf course and a challenging nine hole par 3 course.

The response to this was that AJ-B suggested we meet up for a game and possibly organise a golf tournament amongst fellow ‘zoners’.

The response was quite startling, with many wanting to play.  WBAzone has a great subscriber who lives in Budapest, Hungary, and was introduced to supporting Albion via Zoltan Gera signing for us.  He posts under the name of Dorvan, and he said he would come over to play and to meet other subscribers to the ‘zone’.

So, on Saturday 2nd September the very first golf event was held at the Ramada resort Gloucester.  AJ-B via his company, Concept Manufacturing Carpet Company Ltd., sponsored the trophies and the event was called The Concept Classic. Dorvan even brought over a trophy called the ‘Gera Cup’.

Ironically enough, against all the odds, Dorvan was the winner, beating the favourite Adrian Buckley (OxfordBaggie) into 2nd place.  Adey however was presented with the ‘Gera Cup’.

Despite the event being played in almost monsoon like conditions, with fierce  winds and driving rain, this inaugural event proved a great success, with 18 golfers playing and 24 attending the evening dinner.

It was then that the forum was created and a meeting was arranged for Thursday 28th December at Ombersley Golf Club from which the official WBA Supporters’ Golf Society was officially launched.  We became affilliated to the EGU (English Golf Union) and at that inaugural AGM the constitution was formulated and voted for by unanimous decision.