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Results – The AJB Trophy

The WBASGS season came to a close at the Chase Golf Club in Staffordshire with the AJB Trophy.

Dimbers did his usual weather dance to produce fantastic conditions, the course was in great nick and the hospitality was top notch as per usual.


A golfer’s plea

Oh! To be on the tee again,
As part of a merry band,
To hit the ball,
Further than my eyes can see and not hear it land!

Oh! To be the on the fairway,
Not in the unkempt rough,
To find the ball on a perfect lie,
And not my next shot duff!

Oh! To be on the green again,
With a putter in my grip,
And use a familiar coaching phrase,
When my putt teeters on cup’s lip!

Oh! To be in the bar again,
And enjoy the familiar sound,
Of members not discussing golf,
But whose turn it is to buy the next convivial round!

Oh! To enjoy the day,
When lockdown finally ends
And days upon the golf course
Spent in the company of good friends!

Missing the golf and banter as I hope you can deduce from my emails?

Dimbers ⛳️😉

The Thoughts of Chairman Mike (not Mao)

COVID-19 Welcome Rap

Welcome to this Baggies site,
Whether you support the boys or not,
For as sportsmen or sportswomen,
To unite in COVID cracking,
Really means a lot!
No longer can one drive a ball,
Along the fairway clear,
Or attend a favourite stadium,
To give the team a cheer!
Today and in tomorrow’s
There’s a message very clear,
Keep 6 feet apart,
Or it will cost you dear!
So, put aside your colours,
Shown on shirt or scarf,
Allegiances don’t matter,
In first or second half!
Let’s all join together,
In the passion of our game,
To ensure in the future,
The time will come again,
When we can all be together,
In a joyous crowd united,
By a common cause,
To show COVID-19’s beaten,
With celebratory applause!

Michael Dimbylow

Date Changes for July and August

Please note that the dates of two Society events have been amended. …More…

Date Change – The Chairman’s Choice

Please note that due to a Sky TV fixture change clashing with our planned date, the Chairman’s Choice has now been scheduled for a week earlier, Sunday 8th April.

Charity Day Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the Charity Day in July. …More…

Results – A Villainous Adventure

The May event was won by John West with a very impressive 40 points, although he was beaten on the day by Mark Langford – unfortunately, as a guest, Mark was not eligible to win. …More…

Date Change – 2017 opening event

The date of the first Society event for the 2017 season at Bewdley Pines has been brought forward by one week to Sunday 5th March. …More…

Player of the Year 2016 – Bryn Jones

The Player of the Year in the Society’s tenth anniversary season is confirmed as Bryn Jones from Wednesbury. …More…

Christmas Cracker Date Change

As Sky Sports have decided to televise the Albion-Chelsea game, the football and golf have switched dates, so the Christmas Cracker event at the West Midlands Golf Club will now take place on Saturday 10th December, teeing off at 10.30am

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