Results – The Concept Classic

The Concept Classic was, for a change, held in glorious sunshine in Leominster. It was won by Ashley Hayward with “Irvine’s Invincibles” living up the second half of their name, at least, by winning the team award.

A great day was enjoyed at Leominster with the only downside being the lowest ever turnout for a society event.  Nonetheless,  everyone present enjoyed the day and the team event was still contested with two teams of four.

Here are the full results:

Winner – Ashley Hayward (40 points)
2nd – Karl Rooke (35 points)
3rd – Angus Groom (32 points on countback)

Team Winners – Irvine’s Invincibles (87 points) – Ashley Hawyard, AJ-B, Tim Higgs & John Robinson

20+ Handicap Winner – Angus Groom (32 points)
Nearest The Pin in 2 Shots – Karl Rooke
2s Competition – Ashley Hayward & John Robinson
Pink Shirt – John Robinson


Full Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Ashley Hayward 40
2nd Karl Rooke 35
3rd Angus Groom 32 (CB)
4th Tim Higgs 32 (CB)
5th AJ-B 32
6th Dave Linton 31
7th Keith Cosnett 29
8th John Robinson 25