Results – The Salopian Experience

Last Sunday’s event at Bridgnorth, the Salopian Experience, attracted a very healthy 20 players, although 10 of them were guests, 8 of them courtesy of member, Ian Manford.

The guests came out on top, with the top three all going to non-members headed by Austin Russell.  Worthy of note is long-time member, John Robinson, who only scored 8 points on the back nine and four of those were at the 17th where he picked up the Nearest The Pin In 2 prize!  He also picked up the Pink Shirt and was the only member to leave with any prizes!  Meanwhile, another long-time member, Martin Grange, suffered the indignity of being beaten by his son, Matthew.

Here are the full results:

Winner – Austin Russell (guest) (37 points)
2nd – Ben Williams (guest) (36 points on countback)
3rd – Laurie Taylor (guest) (36 points)

20+ Handicap Winner – Dale Meredith (guest) (33 points)
Longest Drive – Simon Humphries (guest)
Nearest The Pin – Paul Smith (guest)
Nearest The Pin in 2 Shots – John Robinson
Pink Shirt – John Robinson

Full Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Austin Russell (guest) 37
2nd Ben Williams (guest) 36 (CB)
3rd Laurie Taylor (guest) 36
4th Ian Manford 34
5th Dale Meredith (guest) 33
6th Matthew Grange (guest) 32
7th Paul Smith (guest) 31
8th Keith Cosnett 30
9th Tim Higgs 29
10th Martin Grange 28 (CB)
11th Simon Humphries (guest) 28
12th Ashley Hayward 27 (CB)
13th Chris Weston (guest) 27
14th Angus Groom 26 (CB)
15th Phil Russell (guest) 26
16th Andy Russell (guest) 25
17th AJ-B 24
18th Carl Mosedale (guest) 22
19th Mike Dimbylow 21
20th John Robinson 16