Results – The Summer Sizzler

The main event at Sunday’s visit to Gaudet Luce was won by new member, Gene Ball, with an impressive 40 points. The nine-hole medal event on the par 3 course was won by guest, Simon Humphries.

Here are the full results:

Main Event

Winner – Gene Ball (40 points)
2nd – Martin Grange (39 points)
3rd – Malcolm Tyers (35 points)

20+ Handicap Winner – Martin Grange (39 points)
Longest Drive – Simon Humphries (guest)
Nearest The Pin – Ashley Hayward
Nearest The Pin in 2 Shots – Keith Cosnett
Pink Shirt – AJ-B

Full Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Gene Ball 40
2nd Martin Grange 39
3rd Malcolm Tyers 35
4th Tim Higgs 33
5th Ian Manford 32 (CB)
6th Ashley Hayward 32
7th Simon Humphries (guest) 31
8th Alan Cleverley 30
9th John Robinson 27 (CB)
10th Paul Smith (guest) 27
11th Keith Cosnett 26
12th AJ-B 25
13th Keith Tyers (guest) 24
14th Dave Hancocks (guest) 18

Mark Langford (guest) scored 47 points but does not have an official handicap.
Bryn Jones (guest) scored 40 points but does not have an official handicap.
Both have taken membership forms and will hopefully be members soon.

Hadzor Par 3 Nine Hole Competition

This competition was played as a straight medal competition with no handicaps applied.

Pos Name Strokes  
1st Simon Humphries (guest) 29
2nd Ian Manford 30
3rd= Gene Ball 33
3rd= Tim Higgs 33
3rd= Ashley Hayward 33
6th= Malcolm Tyers 34
6th= Mark Langford (guest) 34
8th Keith Tyers (guest) 35
9th= John Robinson 36
9th= Alan Cleverley 36
9th= Keith Cosnett 36
12th AJ-B 38
13th= Martin Grange 39
13th= Dave Hancocks (guest) 39
15th Paul Smith (guest) 43