Results – Charity Day

The annual Charity Day for the Society was held on 23rd July at Kidderminster Golf Club, with the most important result of the day being the fantastic £1,900 that was raised for Prostate Cancer, taking our Society’s fundraising total to more that £34,000 in eleven years.

On the day, the main event was won by Ian Manford with 44 points, with Take the Bait (John West, Stuart Chubb, Peter Gill and Mike Gilbert) taking the team price. Meanwhile, Bryn Jones won the morning’s Putting Competition.

Here are the full results:

1st – Ian Manford (44 points)
2nd – Mark Langford (41 points)
3rd – Liam Lambley (40 points)

20+ Handicap Winner – Liam Lambley
Nearest The Pin (5th) – Stuart Chubb
Nearest The Pin (10th) – Bob Julier
Nearest The Pin (15th) – Peter Gill
Nearest The Pin In 2 (1st) – Martin Grange
Nearest The Pin In 2 (18th) – Garry Elwell
Longest Drive – Joe Mayo
2s – Rob Wearing, Peter Gill, Bob Julier, Stuart Chubb

Putting Competition – Bryn Jones

Team Winners – Take the Bait (John West, Stuart Chubb, Peter Gill and Mike Gilbert) – 96 points
Orange Ball Winners – Take the Bait (38 points)

Full Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Ian Manford 44
2nd Mark Langford 41
3rd Liam Lambley 40
4th Peter Gill 38 (CB)
5th Bryn Jones 38 (CB)
6th Mick Fudge 38
7th John West 36 (CB)
8th Ashley Hayward 36 (CB)
9th Garry Elwell 36
10th Warren Hall 34 (CB)
11th Jon Lemm 34
12th Stuart Chubb 33 (CB)
13th Mike Gilbert 33
14th Rob Wearing 32
15th Martin Grange 30
16th Alan Barton 29 (CB)
17th Sharon Cartwright 29 (CB)
18th Malcom Tyers 29
19th Bob Julier 28 (CB)
20th Gordon Taylor 28 (CB)
21st Colin Beardsmore 28
22nd Mike Dimbylow 26 (CB)
23rd Jon Want 26 (CB)
24th John Lovatt 26
25th Sasha Voizey 25 (CB)
26th Joe Mayo 25
27th Alan Jones-Bratt 24 (CB)
28th Paul Want 24
29th Nicky Cross 23 (CB)
30th Haydn Bratt 23 (CB)
31st Duncan Edgar 23 (CB)
32nd Greg Cheesman 23 (CB)
33rd John Robinson 23
34th Tony Beards 22 (CB)
35th Bob Taylor 22
36th Paul Mason 20 (CB)
37th Dick Herbert 20
38th Paul Markhall 15
39th Peter Yarsley 12

Team Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Take the Bait (WBASGS) 96
2nd Weapons of Grass Destruction 91
3rd Churchill & Blakedown 83
4th The Wily Whallopers 81 (CB)
5th WBA Former Players’ Association 81
6th Sedgley Scramblers 80 (CB)
7th Batham’s Best Bitter & Claret 80
8th Mindset Magicians 71
9th Rory and the Robots 70
10th WBASGS 69

Orange Ball Results

Pos Name Points  
1st Take the Bait (WBASGS) 38
2nd Churchill & Blakedown 31
3rd Batham’s Best Bitter & Claret 30
4th Sedgley Scramblers 28 (CB)
5th Rory and the Robots 28
6th Mindset Magicians 27